Why are subsequent cycles not as strong as my first

We get this question quite often. Many people experience reduced effects on their 2nd and 3rd cycles, and even those that follow. There are many reasons for this and many factors involved. We’ll try and summarize some of the most prominent factors that contribute to reduced effects on subsequent cycles.   Desensitized Receptors The possibility exists that receptors become desensitized as we progress past our first cycle. There are many physiological and genetic factors that are involved and that contribute to this. Some people may experience more severe desensitization than others. Our advice? Give your receptors a chance to recover. Take longer breaks between cycles if you experience lackluster results.   Bunk gear It may be possible that you’re using bunk or underdosed gear. This is why we always advise using reputable sources. Check out our approved distributors to ensure your sourcing from an approved and trustworthy vendor.   Training, Nutrition and Rest It may be possible that your training intensity and/or volume is lacking. Are you progressively overloading, and resting enough to ensure recovery? Alongside this, is your nutrition sufficient in ensuring recovery? Are you eating above caloric requirements, or in a deficit? Are your macronutrients dialled in? No compound will cure bad nutrition, training and rest. The old adage of 80% nutrition still rings true, even when PEDs are involved. PEDs are not some sort of miracle compound that will transform you overnight. One needs to be disciplined in all other aspects of life, too.