Frequency of injections with injectable SARMs

There is currently little information available on dosing frequency for SARMs. Various SARMs have different half-lives when taken orally. When injected, however, it is speculated that a good starting point would be to dose and split injections to every other day.

In other words, if you inject on a Monday, you would skip Tuesday and pin again on Wednesday, precisely 24 hours later. The next pin would be Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Monday.

Rinse and repeat.

Various AAS orals, like Anavar, half-life increases in injectable form. On this premise we can speculate that injectable SARMs can be administered, as mentioned, either every other day or even every third day. We want to ideally keep blood levels consistent. An experienced researcher may be able to feel his blood levels dip and alter his pinning schedule based on personal experience.

Every-other-day pinning schedules:

Mon – Wed – Fri – Sun – Tues – Thurs – Sat – Mon ; Repeat.

Mon – Wed – Fri ; Mon – Wed – Fri ; Repeat.



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