Nootropics are a brand new type of cognitive enhancing drug, they are not regulated in the US and most are still pending FDA approval. Nootropics also pose no notable side effects (unless stated otherwise) as long as proper dosage instructions are followed.


Aniracetam works to improve mental capability. It boosts memory retention and improves learning abilities.  It further progresses the mind’s endurance, concentration, focus and insight.

Aniracetam guards the brain from the undesirable outcomes of less oxygen supply. It further enhances the psychological situation of patients with cerebrovascular ailments. It is also well known for pumping up the cognitive aspect.

Aniracetam motivates the receptors in the brain. It is a prescription drug in Europe and a supplement in the United States. Its mechanism of operation is however not fully known.



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Note; dosage information is only for scientific reference purposes. SARMs Central, does not condone the human consumption or use of this substance outside of a controlled scientific environment (i.e. a lab).

There is no definitive dosage for Aniracetam. The common intake however stands at 750 milligrams, three times in a day. There are those who consume higher amounts or lower amounts. Its effects are also almost immediate.

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