HGH191AA  is a peptide that helps activate HGH, human growth hormone.  HGH 191AA is also known as Somatropin and is produced by the pituitary gland present in the brain. Doctors discovered HGH when children or teenagers wouldn’t grow at the same rate or their development was slow. It helps the growth of the body making sure cells are developed in the appropriate way at the appropriate time. 

The  main function of this peptide is to help deposit proteins, and help with the growth of body tissues. Even though HGH 191AA occurs naturally it is used as a supplement for growth therapy. 

Usually this peptide is used to fight the condition GHD which stands for growth hormone deficiency. GHRH (Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone) releases HGH and promotes somatostatin production which helps regulate the endocrine system and decreases glucagon secretion. Due to this HGH helps improve the growth of your cells and gets rid of GHD.


Taking HGH peptide helps people with growth hormone deficiency to improve their bone density, reduce body fat and increase muscle mass. 

Research shows that taking HGH helps improve athletic ability and boosts exercise capacity. 

Tests show that Human Growth Hormone 191AA has fastened the healing process. In one research taking HGH with insulin-growth factor rapidly increased the improvement in a damaged cartilage.



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Note; dosage information is only for scientific reference purposes. SARMs Central, does not condone the human consumption or use of this substance outside of a controlled scientific environment (i.e. a lab).

Possible side effects

Possible side effects of HGH191AA include carpal tunnel syndrome and nerve, muscle, or joint pain.

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