If you’re struggling with insomnia and really want to do something about it, you’ll find that DSIP peptide is the key to deep and healing rest. When you utilize this peptide, which is an injectable, you’ll be able to enjoy better sleep almost immediately.

DSIP stands for Delta sleep inducing peptide. This type of peptide is classified as a neuropeptide and it works by inducing spindle and delta EEG activity and by reducing motor activity.

While information on this peptide is lacking, in contrast to information about other peptides, such as Somatropin and HCG, real-life users do find that this formula has the power to help them sleep very well, even when they’ve been suffering from insomnia or troubled sleep for a long time.

This is a peptide that insomniacs appreciate and many find that the inconvenience of injecting this peptide, seconds of discomfort is well worth the benefit in return.


This peptide is utilized in order to help people fall asleep and stay asleep. Delta-sleep-inducing-peptide is popular with bodybuilders who have learned about the power and potential of peptides through their training and supplementation regimens. This peptide may be used on its own in order to help users sleep better, or it may be stacked with other peptides in order to create a well-rounded supplementation program.

DSIP lowers basal cortisol levels and blocks release of this negative hormone. It also makes it easier for the body to release LH (luteinizing hormone). In addition, it makes it simpler for the body to release somatotropin due to deep sleep and to block the production of somatostatin, which is major muscle growth limiting factor.

This peptide may help people to manage stress. In addition, it may have the power to alleviate the symptoms of hypothermia. It’s also known as an effective means of normalizing blood pressure and contractions which are myocardial. As well, it may offer anti-oxidant benefits (slow down cell damage).

Results from peptide will vary from person to person, it's a fact that not everyone responds equally well to the treatment of DSIP. Since this peptide is still being studied, and  results from studies have varied a lot, users will need to track their own results and make their own judgments regarding the effectiveness of DSIP.


Note; dosage information is only for scientific reference purposes. SARMs Central, does not condone the human consumption or use of this substance outside of a controlled scientific environment (i.e. a lab).

If you are new to using DCIP start with 100mcg and up the dosage to 200mcg until you are satisfied with the effect.

Like most peptides, this formula comes in a dried format, which means that you will need to reconstitute it yourself. When you do so, you must use bacteriostatic or sterile water, both are safe for injections. Once powder in the vial is diluted and is in liquid form it is then withdrawn and injected using insulin syringes. When it comes to self-injection, it's highly important to educate yourself and be careful. Peptides are usually injected intramuscular or subcutaneous (IM or Subq).

Potential Side Effects

There are currently no known side effects for DSIP if the correct dosages are taken.

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