Sample SARMs Cycles and Recommended Dosages

We’ve put together some of the most basic SARMs cycles. Note that these cycles are based on anecdotal experience from the collective community. We encourage all athletes to do their own research and read up on the compounds and dosages involved.

Compounds aren’t necessarily restricted to either ‘bulking’ or ‘cutting’ cycles. Gaining or losing weight will always be dependent on diet and caloric intake. It may be so, however, that certain compounds aid in, perhaps, weight gain as it increases water retention (like LGD4033). Similarly, a compound like GW501516 may aid in fat loss as it increases endurance. But the athlete that does no cardio and eats above caloric maintenance will not see the benefits Cardarine on fat loss.

It is always advised to sort out diet first, before planning the dive into SARMs and other PEDs.

These cycles merely inform on compounds and dosages. PCT is not discussed here. Most of these cycles require some form of post cycle therapy.


Bulking implies gaining mass. This doesn’t necessarily mean
strict muscle mass, but may include some fat and water gain, too.


  • LGD4033 – 10mg
  • MK677 – 10mg


Duration: 6 weeks.




  • LGD4033 – 10-15mg
  • RAD140 – 10mg
  • YK11 – 10-15mg


Duration: 6 weeks




  • MK2866 – 20mg
  • GW501516 – 20mg


Duration: 6 weeks


Cutting and Body recomposition:


  • MK2866 – 20mg
  • GW501516 – 20mg
  • S4 – 20mg


6-8 weeks.






  • LGD4033 – 10-15mg
  • YK11 – 10-15mg


Duration: 6-8 weeks




  • LGD4033 – 15mg
  • YK11 – 15mg
  • Rad140 – 10mg


Duration: 6-8 weeks


Recommended Dosages:

Below we’ve set out some recommended dosages for men and women. It is important, however, to consult different sources when planning a research compound cycle. There are no definitive answers or guides for using SARMs. The fact that they are research chemicals implies that more research and clinical data needs to be collected before we truly understand how to dose them in a safe and effective manner.

Notice for female SARMs users:

There are anecdotal stories about females either being late or missing their menstrual cycles completely whilst on a SARMs cycle. Although rare, a simple Google search will reveal that it does happen.

Unfortunately, there is no way to determine whether one would be susceptible to the aforementioned. It also seems that a late or missed period isn't linked to any specific compound, but rather that hormonal changes caused by SARMs use may affect a certain individual's physiology and biology as to mess with menstrual cycles.

Recommended dosages for Men:

LGD-4033: 10-20mg per day.

RAD-140:   10-20mg per day.

OSTARINE: 20-30mg per day.

MK-677:     10mg per day.

YK-11:         10-15mg per day (split once in the morning, once at night).

SR-9009:     10mg x 3 per day (total: 30mg/day).

GW-501516:    10-20 mg per day.

S4:    Anywhere from 50-75mg per day, divided into 3 equal doses throughout the day.

Recommended dosages for Women

LGD-4033: 2.5mg per day.

RAD-140:   2.5mg per day.

OSTARINE: 5-10mg per day.

MK-677:    10mg .

YK-11:       0.5-2mg divided into 2 daily doses.

SR-9009:    10mg x 3 per day. Recommended length:

GW-501516:   10-20mg per day. Recommended length:

S4:               10-25mg per day divided into 3 equal doses throughout the day.

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