Nootropics are a brand new type of cognitive enhancing drug, they are not regulated i the US and most are still pending FDA approval. Nootropics also pose no notable side effects (unless stated otherwise) as long as proper dosage instructions are followed.


Unifiram one of the latest addition to the growing line cognitive enhancement products, so recent in fact that there is very limited data on the drug and its effect. This however, did not stop a good number of nootropic users to give this unifiram a try. What the community of nootropic users find most appealing is its potency. Current suppliers of Unifiram already claim that it is currently the world’s strongest nootropic, a distinction also claimed by another recent nootropic entrant, Sunifiram, which bears a very strong resemblance to unifiram in terms of action and molecular structure. Benefits Unifiram has three primary benefits: anti-amnesia, acetylcholine agonism, and anti-sedative and anti-hypnotic effects. Two of the studies on Unifiram and its analogs focused on its ability to reverse the amnesic effects of AMPA antagonists and its precognitive effects utilizing the Mouse Passive Avoidance test for their experimental methodology. Another study noted that Unifiram appears to increase acetylcholine release in rats; acetylcholine is very strongly correlated to memory and learning. There was one other study done that found, on top of being an anti-amnesic, Unifiram reduces the effects of barbiturates especially the effects of hypnosis and sedation.


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Note; dosage information is only for scientific reference purposes. SARMs Central, does not condone the human consumption or use of this substance outside of a controlled scientific environment (i.e. a lab).

1 mg/kg in both mice and rats and was found to be anti-amnesic in the water maze test; this dose works out to roughly 2mg in an adult human (70kgs). One study also used 1mg/kg in rats and found it to have anti-amnesic effects in rats; this dose would be ~17mg for a healthy adult human (70kgs).

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