Given up on that dream of having a perfect beach body? Tired of pumping iron every day without those defining cuts you always wanted? Do Not Quit on your aspiring masculine body just yet. We have for you the perfect PPAR delta agonist that will simultaneously turn your fat into an energy source and increase the oxidative capacity of your muscles. Let’s take a deeper look into the product that is not a selective androgen receptor modulator but still has it all. Rather than affecting androgen receptors, GW-0742 works on the PPAR pathway as a PPAR Receptor Agonist. Hence, GW-0742 is not anabolic and does not require post-cycle therapy (PCT) just like Cardarine.

Product Information

GW-0742 is a combination of PPAR-B, agonist, and antagonist, and takes the effect of either one of both, depending on the dosage. Unlike Cardarine, which doesn’t affect other androgen receptors, GW-0742 has some weak effects on the body’s various nuclear receptors as well. This fact makes it effective on several other ARs as well including one of the most important ones such as thyroid hormone receptors {R}.

However, it is essentially a PPAR modulator that doesn’t vastly affect the other remaining nuclear receptors including steroid receptors, resulting in minimizing unwanted side effects.

Due to its selective nature, this selective receptor modulator not only causes zero potential androgenic side effects to other parts of the body (such as muscle loss) but also helps reduce levels of high-density lipoproteins and bad cholesterol.

GW-0742 V/s Cardarine

The compound is really like a brother to its twin product – Cardarine, as it resembles it in being a PPARδ receptor agonist. On top of that, both compounds were created by the same scientists. Most people prefer using GW-0742 over Cardarine as it bypasses most of the side effects caused by its competitor including cancer risk.

As discussed earlier, both are PPAR (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor) agonists that were originally developed by Glaxo Smith Kline. Studies in rats have shown that both of them may improve skeletal muscle insulin resistance and stimulate fatty acid oxidation (reducing levels of fatty acids) in mice.

However, there is one major difference in their chemical composition where GW0742 has two hydrogen and four fluorine atoms, while cardarine has only one hydrogen and three fluorine atoms.

How does it Work?

As discussed earlier, the compound is a selective peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta (PPARδ) agonist. PPARs are responsible for various metabolic processes in the body, such as lipid metabolism, glucose homeostasis, and inflammation.

The main job of the PPARs is the regulation of fatty acids in the body which consequently control how much energy is spent by our body on our daily tasks. Therefore, the compound works best for obesity, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular diseases.

Popularity in the Bodybuilding Industry

With further research, the drug has gained popularity in the bodybuilding industry for its potential role in muscle growth, increased muscle mass, gaining lean muscle, and most importantly, loss of that stubborn fat. 

As a partial agonist, GW-0742 is admired among bodybuilders for its ability to stimulate significant strength gains and improvements in muscle mass. The best thing is that you can expect dramatic results within a short period of time by adding this to your diet besides your training regime. This is one product that you should buy if endurance, muscle mass, fat loss, and strength gains are what you’re seeking.

Bodybuilders absolutely love GW-0742 as it fits very well into a cutting stack. Moreover, it has been found to lower harmful LDL cholesterol and boost healthy HDL cholesterol.

GW-0742 Benefits

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As a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta (PPARδ) agonist, it has been the subject of research in the fields of metabolism, energy regulation, and potential therapeutic applications. While the research on this compound is ongoing, some potential benefits associated with PPARδ agonists like GW-0742 include:

  1. Improvement in Lipid Metabolism: PPARδ activation has been shown to enhance lipid metabolism, promoting the breakdown of fatty acids and their use as an energy source. This could potentially benefit individuals with conditions related to abnormal lipid levels. {R}
  2. Enhanced Endurance and Exercise Performance: Some studies suggest that PPARδ agonists may increase endurance and exercise capacity by promoting the use of fatty acids for energy. This could be of interest to athletes and those looking to improve their physical performance {R}.
  3. Potential for Weight Management: PPARβ δ agonists have been investigated for their role in regulating body weight and adipose tissue. They may have a role in managing obesity and related metabolic disorders {R}.
  4. Anti-Inflammatory Effects: PPARδ activation may have anti-inflammatory properties, which could be beneficial in conditions with chronic inflammation{R}.
  5. Potential for Cardiovascular Health: Some research indicates that PPARδ agonists could have positive effects on cardiovascular health by improving lipid profiles and reducing the risk of atherosclerosis {R}.
  6. Muscle Preservation: PPARδ activation may help preserve muscle tissue, which can be beneficial in conditions associated with muscle wasting {R}.
  7. Potential for Diabetes Management: This activated receptor β δ is proven to improve glucose homeostasis in diabetic rats. Meaning that it will lower elevated blood sugar levels, which prevents insulin resistance{R}.
    This property of GW 0742 makes it an excellent drug to stack with MK 677 (which is proven to cause insulin resistance when taken for long periods), and a generally good drug against diabetes{R}.

It’s important to note that while these potential benefits are intriguing, research is ongoing, and the use of PPARδ agonists like GW-0742 in a clinical context would require further investigation and consideration of potential side effects and safety concerns.

Is it Legal?

Though not FDA-approved yet, GW-0742 has given a completely new dimension to the popularity of supplements and may end up gaining not only unmatched popularity but resolving legality issues as well.

The reason behind this is the fact that besides being proven to be a game changer for the fitness industry with tremendous benefits of muscle gain and fat loss, the compound is less prone to side effects making it a healthier option instead.

As a result, the drug has become an innovation in the industry of supplements due to its novel class and fewer side effects. We hope that in days to come FDA might have a considerate stance towards the potentially beneficial supplement. However, till that time always consult a healthcare provider before use of GW-0742. If you are an athlete, you can get into trouble if you test positive for GW-0742 by the World anti-doping agency.

Side Effects

There is not a lot of research that has been conducted on this compound as compared to its twin, Cardarine, so there isn’t much that we know about the side effects that it may cause. However, heart enlargement and muscle type switching are two side effects that have been reported with its use.

It is, however, important to consult with a healthcare professional before the use of any supplements such as GW-0742.


An optimum effective limit, especially when starting, should be 10 mg per day. It is suggested to start as low as possible for the first cycle but be consistent in use daily for best results.

Half Life of GW-0742

The half-life ranges from 12-24 hours, so if you do increase the dosage to 20mg, it is suggested to take it twice a day at 10 mg in the morning and at night each.

GW-0742 cycle length

GW-0742 must be taken for a straight 6 weeks on a daily basis.

GW-0742 Research

As there is very little data on the compound, very few people have reported their experiences. On top of that, the scientific data about GW-0742 is very hard to find as well.

In vivo, activation of proliferator-activated receptor β in mouse skeletal muscle, GW0742 has been shown to ameliorate experimentally induced pancreatitis. Additionally, it prevents hypertension and endothelial dysfunction as it has been shown to treat hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertension in diet-induced obese mice as it has anti-inflammatory effects {R}. Lastly, the activated receptor δ has shown that it inhibits acute lung injury in mice as well.

In a recent particular study, activation of the nuclear hormone receptor peroxisome proliferator–activated receptor (PPAR)-δ has been shown to improve insulin resistance, whereas activation of the renoprotective effects of PPARδ has been reported in a model of streptozotocin-induced diabetic nephropathy {R}.

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