Trenavar is a powerful type of oral non-methylated prohormone that is also called Trendione. Its chemical name is estra-4,9,11-triene-3,17-dione and considered as 10 times more androgenic than testosterone. Akin to its counterparts, Trenavar’s half-life is about 6 to 8 hours. Other names for this prohormone include Trenabol, Tren Elite, T-Var 15 and Super Trenabol.

This prohormone is so fast-acting that users logged that they were able to see results just after 7 to 10 days after their first dose of Trenavar. However, the only downside is Trenavar can reduce your overall endurance levels, which can make it tricky for you to really last for as long as you can when you’re taking on cardio exercises.

Now while Trenavar is considered as a unique prohormone, it shares a lot of similar attributes with Trenbolone, an injectable steroid that’s also got a lot of followers in the bodybuilding world. What separates the two from each other is the fact that the former is only a ketone at the 17th position away from the latter in their chemical structures.


These are benefits of Trenavar when cycled:

  • Significant increase in overall strength levels

  • Boosts size and mass gains

  • Faster fat loss

  • Increased vascularity

  • Does not have any estrogenic effects.



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Note; dosage information is only for scientific reference purposes. SARMs Central, does not condone the human consumption or use of this substance outside of a controlled scientific environment (i.e. a lab).

Given the power and intensity of Trenavar, this prohormone should only be cycled for 30 days and in lower doses compared to its counterparts.

Experienced users highly suggest that newbies should begin with a dose of 10 to 20mg taken in split intervals each day to discern how high of a dose they can tolerate without experiencing side effects.

Starting with a higher dose can easily lead to side effects, especially during the third week of use. When your body has acclimatized to Trenavar, you can bump up your dosage to 30 to 40mg in split doses daily.

Potential Side Effects

According to experienced users, the following are the side effects of Trenavar if cycled without the proper on-cycle support and post cycle therapy:

  • Increases aggression

  • Can cause headaches and soreness in the legs

  • Reduces thyroid levels

  • Can cause a dip in blood sugar levels

  • Can raise prolactin

  • Reduces endurance levels

  • Can cause surges in bad cholesterol and blood pressure levels

  • Can put a strain to the heart and liver

  • Can cause bouts of insomnia, fatigue and lethargy

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