Cabergoline possesses potent agonist activity on dopamine D2 receptors.

Cabergoline is a very potent inhibitor of the hormone prolactin. It is used to treat different ailments occurring because of prolactin including infertility, sexual problems, and bone loss in women. It is classed as a dopamine receptor agonist as it shows affinity for dopamine D2 receptors.

You can take this as a medicine to help stop the brain from making more prolactin.

It is advised to stop taking it when prolactin levels have been normal for six consecutive months. However you can start taking it again if symptoms of increase in prolactin occur again.

It’s IUPAC name is 1-[(6-allylergolin-8β-yl)- carbonyl]-1-[3-(dimethylamino) propyl]-3-ethylurea. The chemical formula is C26H37N5O2 and its molecular weight is 451.62 g/mol.


One research shows that along with decreasing or normalising prolactin levels, cabergoline also helped normalise testosterone levels in males. 

Another research shows that taking cabergoline for six months helped improve sexual activity in many hyperprolactinemic males.



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Note; dosage information is only for scientific reference purposes. SARMs Central, does not condone the human consumption or use of this substance outside of a controlled scientific environment (i.e. a lab).

Possible side effects

Possible side effects of cabergoline include nausea, vomiting, dizziness and fatigue.

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