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    Ryan W

    Too often when negative side affects threaten your cycle (whether it be AAS, PHs, or SARMs) it can simply boil down to an issue with your Test Base (or lack thereof).

    Aside from the few compounds that lightly suppress your own testosterone production (I.e. S4 or Ostarine taken in moderate dosages), most cycles will cause a good deal of suppression and shutdown. Often times, this shutdown, coupled with a lack of aromatase inhibitors tend to bring the most common sides: lethargy, low libido, ED, etc.

    Wanting to mitigate these sides so that you can get the most out of your cycle, you have the following options for Test Bases to Use:
    1) Testosterone injections(E, C, or P)
    2) HCG or HMG injections
    3) DHEA Transdermals

    First – Testosterone. Whether you wanna go E, C, or P, a good weekly range can vary from 300-500mg. Best test base by far, however requires you to either get a Rx or use an underground supplier. Additionally, you’ll want to be using an AI.

    Second – HCG/HMG. It varies but here are 2 different approaches that have worked for different people. 1) 1000-2000 iu once per week. Or 2) 500 iu every 3 days. For HMG, it would be 50-75 every 3 days (more pricy though). Some argue that HCG is best left for your PCT, but others would equally argue that it fulfills the test base role of minimizing bad sides when taken during your cycle. Easy to buy online, but still requires injections for those of you who are afraid to pin…

    Third – DHEA transdermals. Honestly, not much of a fan of this one, but others say it works (id venture to guess by doubling the recommended dose). Easy to buy, and no needles required. However, still requires an AI.


    Ryan B.

    Good topic! I use 4 andro or trestolone acetate, sometimes test cream also for my test base. I used to get shut down pretty hard and found out it was because I had no estrogen in my system! Lots of people are so convinced that they need an AI on a sarms cycle that they may even suppress their estrogen even further. Since SARMs aren’t as strong as steroids, I feel that I don’t need a major test boost but definitely, definitely need some kind of a test base!



    Where can I find the Trestolone?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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