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    What are your favorite SARMs to use and how do cycle them?

    Joseph Mullin

    So far I’ve spent a long time reading about SARMs but not a lot of use. I’ve been using MK-677 consistently for some time now. I use it constantly without cycling at ~10mg per day. I love the sleep benefits from it as I have always had trouble with sleep quality and falling asleep in the past.

    I have also run 1 cycle of ostarine. I used it during a pretty hard cut I was doing. I started at 12.5 mg/day and went up to about 25 during the 8 weeks. I liked what I saw. I lost a huge amount of weight and very quickly since I was cutting so hard but I kept my strength and size throughout the cut which is what I was looking for.

    I’m excited to try LGD once I fully recover from that cycle and decide to put some more muscle on.

    Erik Gurov

    My favorite SARM would definitely be Ostarine. I have had a terribly sprained and torn set of tendons in my shoulder from a year ago, and this SARM has been proven in studies to help with recovery and rebuilding tendons and other types of injuries. It has many benefits that might not even discovered yet.

    I love how it can be used it cutting AND bulking phases; I call it the Swiss Army knife of SARMs since it can be used for a broad amount of things. I’m still doing physical therapy for my shoulder and ostarine gives me the fast recovery and helps make my joints feel wonderful (which is a godsend considering how incorrect heavy lifting has the chance to destroy joints and tendons). I cycle it taking the listed dosage for recovery/injury repair, and the amount I take time off is equal to the time on.

    I’m really glad Joseph discovered it helped with losing weight and maintaining strength; just one of the many examples of ostarine’s effectiveness.

    Ryan W.

    Favorite SARMs…

    Putting on Weight fast – YK11 at 12.5 to 25 mg ED for 4-6 weeks, taken in the evening. Strongly encourage the use of Ostarine at 30-40 mg stacked, I’ve noticed it helps with recovery and the joints being under the extra stress of increased Bodyweight.

    Strength without size – S4, and for me 50mg ED has worked great, good results with minimal sides. Due to the possible sides I’d advise using it solo for 6-8 weeks starting at 50 mg and increasing by 10 mg as desired.

    Physical Fitness Tests or events – Carderine at roughly 20-25 mg 1 hour prior. So I’ve experimented running it for a period (about 5 weeks), and running it event only. I feel like after 3 weeks the cardio effects stall out.

    There you go, I couldn’t pick just one, those are my favorites, and will likely be my next stack.

    Anthony Nguyen

    Personally been on s4 60mg morning and night and ostarine 30-45mg every morning and 20mg of cardarine for a month now . Enjoying the results for recomping my weight of 155-160. Been told by my friends and coworkers that I look bigger even though I haven’t put on any weight. Ill take that as a successful recomp. Once I am done gonna do a LGD and MK677 bulk after the new year let the gains commence >_<

    Ryan Bell

    My favorite sarms would be S4 (50 mg per day) and Ostarine (20 mg per day) in a stack. Not overly suppressive and the vision thing doesn’t bother me. This stack is great for strength and healing for me! Sorry, couldn’t pick just one sarm lol


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    I have a 10mg bottle of BPC-157 along with a bottle of Bacteriostatic water. However, I’m unable to find any information on how much water I’m supposed to add to the BPC-157 bottle.

    I understand how the process of reconstitution works with being very careful when adding the water into the peptide bottle, but I just need to understand how much water I’m supposed to add.


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