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    Since I am a first-time SARMS user in my 40’s, I thought I would start slow to begin with and ordered 27 tabs of Osterine/Carderine @ 20mg per tab from Purerawz.

    The first few days was great, I took 1 tab per day in the morning with loads of water and had an almost immediate effect. After 30min I had a feeling of well-being wash over me and my stamina and work-out was off the chart. I thought I had found the Holy Grail. I found many other great benefits on the front end of the cycle. But that didn’t last long.

    After about 6 or 7 days at one per day my nipples began tingling. And then after another few days they became inflamed, and I started having prickly heat and then I started losing sensitivity in them. It doesn’t seem to be gyno as there is no breast tissue or growth, just localized pain around the nipple. I persevered with the cycle for another couple of days but had to stop because the irritation became so intense.

    I haven’t taken a tab for over a month but still sensitivity persists. I contacted Purerawz, and although they are usually great, they said they cannot help in this regard and pointed me to you guys at Sarmscentral.org and onto this forum.

    My research has pointed to the Osterine as the culprit but can anyone here tell me what is going on and give some advice on what can be done?

    Thanks guys… Patrick.

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