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    Jon Rambo

    End of wk one with S23@40+LGD@20.
    Strength gains are starting to kick in. Preacher curl up to 155X10 from 125X10 just for example. Stamina and endurance is the first thing I noticed. I’ve run S23solo @30mg for 8wks from Enhanced Athlete. But these from purerawz feel stronger in my opinion. I usually feel a big kick in strength around end of wk 2. I’m 5’6 and 196lbs at about 20% body fat. So far I like purerawz over other companies I’ve tried. I will keep a weekly log as I go.


    Jon Rambo

    Side note. Sides, so far only a slight increase in blood pressure. B4 when I took S23 b4 bed I would have trouble sleeping OR have night terrors. I will run this stack for 8wks. I take 20mg S23 at wake up with 20mg LGD then I take the other 20of S23 about 60-90min preworkout.(seems to hit just right). Insane almost painful at times pumps. Very bad muscle cramps after workout unless I’m up on my water intake. S23 WILL DRY YOU OUT. I take 1000mg fishoil a day to combat the dry joints I’ve noticed with S23. I do not suppress easy, but if I do encounter suppression this time around with this stack I have all I need on deck.



    Hey brother,

    Happy to see you logging here as well. I am curious; do you find that the S23 isnt effecting your sleep even at this high of a dose unless you take it close to bed time? Last time I took it I had some insomnia but I didn’t even think it may have been due to the S23.


    Jon Rambo

    S23 greatly effects my sleep. If I take it 4hrs or less b4 bed(closer to bed time the worse) I get insomnia or bad night terrors. Only sarm that has caused this. I’ve done rad@40mg, rad+ostarine 30+30, S23@30 solo. S23&Rad 30+30.
    I don’t change my diet,schedule or workout routine. So it’s the S23 for sure.


    Jon Rambo

    Day 10 of this cycle. The boys are turning off, they feel smaller for sure. So technically Yea I’m suppressed . BUT I feel fine. Just like last time I ran s23 solo, my nuts turned off n shrunk. Loads got clearer n lighter. No loss in sex drive, energy,stamina, nothing.


    Jon Rambo

    Except last time I ran solo s23 and this hit about wk 3. I’m guessing the LGD is speeding it up a bit.


    Ryan B.

    That is a potent stack my brutha! You may want to use a test base product with that just to make sure it runs smoothly and you don’t crash. I run 4 andro with my stacks and it’s a game changer!


    Jon Rambo

    If I was gonna add a test base on it I’d rub Test E @500mg/wk. I wouldn’t want a ph as a base, that’s just throwing money away IMO .
    Speaking of PH’s I’ve thought about running a 19nor(deca precursor) and a 1andro. Just to try out PH’s. I’ve run AAS and sarms. And have no urge to try peptides . So prohormones is all that’s left.


    Jon Rambo

    End of wk2. Joints r definitely drying out. Need to up the water n potassium. Getting painful pumps. Bench is down due to shoulder dryness….just hurts alot, possibly over worked. All other lifts r still going up. 170X3 preacher curl machine. 210X8 seated row.
    230X8 leg extensions. Just a few highlights


    Pete G18

    Thanks for the update. I’m pissed the S23 I got was bunk. Was hoping for a big run with it. I’ll have to give it another shot.


    Jon Rambo

    Where did u purchase bunk s23 from? Pete G18?
    Update. Day 18. Slight loss of sex drive(usually very high like a 15year old boy). Possibly from this flu I’m fighting.
    Muscles starting to look fuller, especially my shoulders,traps, and quads.


    Jon Rambo

    Day 22.
    First day back in the gym after pneumonia.
    Much needed rest. Surprisingly strength is still going up.
    Kept dosing while sick.


    Ryan B.

    The 4 andro is a very mild prohormone and non-toxic to your liver. Just enough to add some test and estrogen to keep you from crashing. Test works just fine too. I ran 32 mg S23, 5 mg LGD, and 10 mg YK 11 without crashing thanks to 4 andro. Everyone is different, just trying to look out for ya and give my experience 🙂


    Jon Rambo

    Thnx for the advice. Whenever I think of a “base” I think as using it to build on. Not to protect from shutdown. But Dayum, yk,lgd, AND s23!. I’d love to see results of that insane stack.


    Jon Rambo

    Half way into wk 6. Strength is increasing, but slower right now(possibly do to less salt intake). Losing water weight, really drying out. Notice it in my arms and obliques. Joints are starting to-do better as long as I take my fish oil and stay very hydrated.
    Side note, next run is abNORmal from Blackstone labs. Gonna run 3 tabs a day for 6.5wks. Possibly with a 4andro.

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