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    Ive been taking ostarine of 20 mg for 7 weeks and lgd for 5 weeks. Should I stagger how I get off them? Also Im gyro prone so is clomid enough or should I add aromasin?



    Neither LGD nor Ostarine aromatize so please do not use an AI as this will just crush your existing estrogen levels down to zero and create the possibility of ‘rebound gyno’.

    Get off all compounds at once and then immediately run clomid at 75 mg for week 1, 50 mg week 2 and 3 and 25 mg week 4. You will be in good shape.


    Ryan B.

    In my opinion it kind of depends on how high of dosages you ran and how suppressed you are right now. You mentioned 20 mg ostarine but I didn’t see anything about dosage for lgd…not that clomid is a bad choice but for me and maybe others, that dosage of clomid is pretty high. What I use is bulbine extract which is kind of an herbal clomid. It boosts test immensely and keeps the estrogen low. If I take an AI or even a SERM, my estrogen gets too low and I crash. Find out what works best for you and God bless ya brother! 🙂



    Thanks Ryan! I am taking LGD @ 10MG


    Ryan B.

    Nice, did you notice anything from stacking ostarine and lgd? The consensus is that they are very similar and you won’t notice any extra effects. But what was your results?



    Leakydelts, I followed the pct protocol and I’m still hella suppressed. No libido, extend the pct? Add Nolvadex? Any help?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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