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    An essay is a type of creative work that is written in any subject. We have already told you how to write essays on law, social studies, literature, history, foreign languages and even on natural and technical disciplines or even essay shark essays.. Now let’s share the information on how to get a high grade for an essay in the social sciences and humanities.

    Many students are concerned about the question, “How to write a political science essay?” For this you need to know well the theoretical basis: in this type of work your own position should be supported by a scientific basis.

    Common topics of essays on political science:

    – a quote from a statesman (“It is the responsibility of every citizen to question authority” B. Franklin);
    – an actual political problem or phenomenon (“Should the electoral system in Russia be changed?”).

    In such essays, you need to express agreement/disagreement with the statement, show your attitude toward the problem. Support your personal opinion with theoretical information, the opinion of a famous scientist, or facts from public life.

    The volume of the work is 300-600 words, in some cases it can be increased up to 1000 words.

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