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    I still have not heard back from them, at this point I feel they stole my money… scam don’t order



    Actually I spoke to my brewer friend who sent me to his Raw supplier, as for that it was ontop of the same issues Jhonattan spoke of with sketchy overseas shipping when they are claiming domestic, of course I was pissed when I found that out, at those prices its not too bad but its also not too hard to figure out where they all get it from. The point is I’m a hobbyist and a user not a dealer or brewer, and I wanted to explore it, it really isn’t hard, and yes I am still mad at customer service giving me the run around, do I love pure rawz absolutely will I continue to send people I know over to pure rawz through word of mouth absolutely, A misinformed customer is easy to inform, hell I would have ordered and been a lot more patient, but I would never purchase a vial from them, did you get your stuff Jhonattan, because PureRawz has never actually been able to deliver on Gear in a great manner. I give Purerawz a lot of credit for what they do and how they handle stuff and love them, and think Ryan is an awesome person who I would love to send plans on DIY equipment especially since it is nice, Also it would be cool if you could Collab with Joe Paschal for LNC Vice Chair, he is a cool guy from your state Ryan.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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