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    Who on this board has had experiences with Ironclad Chems. Something seems a little off about them and I’m looking for input from others



    Hi Charlie,

    We have notified IronClad Chems about your concerns and someone from their support team will be in contact with you shortly.



    Thank you, I just want everything resolved, and I figured id ask on your home forum before going to the forums in witch I’m a moderator.



    Uh oh, why? I just ordered from them today for the first time



    Oh yeah everything is good to go with Ironclad brother, why what’s the issue?



    Realistically Leaky dealts these jokers sent me 10 grams of liquid when I ordered EQ in powder form. I am trying to get my contest prep done as I am doing this for a charitable foundation. I sent the test E from powder at 10 grams into 22.57ml of Grapeseed oil, .8ml of BA, 7.2ml of of bb off to the lab. IMO they are not G2G, when you order 10 grams of powder you send 10 grams of powder. not some liquid that you have no idea on the dosage of. This is not my first rodeo but I don’t feel like its G2G.



    I generally don’t use EQ as my choice, but personally customer service would be nice, I did speak to my regular supplier and he did say sometimes it does come in oil form.



    But communication is extremely important and making sure that you can elaborate. As sources really aren’t a source it would be nice to give details. Because only 3-4 great powder manufacturers exist on the products for the UG anyway.



    and to me transparency is key because it doesn’t matter that much to them as most people aren’t going to go right to the supplier as most people don’t need an absurd amount. As I’m waiting on results I will keep everyone posted.



    There’s no such thing as EQ in powder form. They aren’t jokers, you just don’t know what you’re ordering.



    At room temperature Boldenone Undeclynate will ALWAYS be a liquid. Please do some research before buying raw steroids, let alone bashing folks. Just my two cents take it fwiw



    No but they are advertising it as such and cyp will be a powder. But in terms of excuses and BS and being told by the shipper that a package didn’t exist that part I still don’t stand behind. As for the Labs everything is legit or close enough to legit I was a tiny bit off in homebrewing but I will call it acceptable. As for not being educated on the compound in raw form I will not deny that. But clearly don’t not explain that to your customer when they are expecting a powder and see an oil. It has nothing to do with room temperature things being a liquid as it doesn’t and wont drastically change forms and liquefy, I will again state they are fine in terms of actual product, but I don’t think I will go through that again, but I will keep giving Pure Rawz my business for PCT and sarms.



    Except it does matter in the case of Boldenone. A simple google search and perusing various forums will turn up hundreds of examples of confused individuals as to why they ordered boldenone and received a liquid. Boldenone is not a powder in raw form at room temperature. It never is and never will be. You blew a gasket because you were misinformed. If you order raws from any other source you’ll get the same thing.



    Hello to everyone, hope all is well with you and yours.
    where do I begin…
    number one reason why I even ordered from them was because off the referral thru purerawz ( which I respect and spend lots of money shopping )

    Order #906 was placed on January 19, 2018 and is currently Completed.
    and I still have not received my item… I paid with bitcoin with the additional stealth shipping.
    I received a tracking number
    Your tracking number: 9374869903502559540588
    since then, the status has not changed
    I sent dozens of email to support, with long waits for response. Then I finally got a response On Feb 15, 2018, which stated…
    “Hi Jhonattan

    SO it seems the issue is because of Chinese new year at the moment and that’s why orders are delayed.
    We do apologize for the delay and please make a note on your next order then we can add some free pct or something for you.
    IronClad Support”

    Its been 3 weeks since that email with no change to my order. I sent out two more emails asking for a explanation and have been ignored…
    I spend over 100 hard earned dollars with the intention of doing more business… if anyone here can help me either get my product or my money back I would appreciate it.
    thank you



    I plan to do some business with them. I am concerned about shipping from abroad as it has to go through customs

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