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Ryan W.

Favorite SARMs…

Putting on Weight fast – YK11 at 12.5 to 25 mg ED for 4-6 weeks, taken in the evening. Strongly encourage the use of Ostarine at 30-40 mg stacked, I’ve noticed it helps with recovery and the joints being under the extra stress of increased Bodyweight.

Strength without size – S4, and for me 50mg ED has worked great, good results with minimal sides. Due to the possible sides I’d advise using it solo for 6-8 weeks starting at 50 mg and increasing by 10 mg as desired.

Physical Fitness Tests or events – Carderine at roughly 20-25 mg 1 hour prior. So I’ve experimented running it for a period (about 5 weeks), and running it event only. I feel like after 3 weeks the cardio effects stall out.

There you go, I couldn’t pick just one, those are my favorites, and will likely be my next stack.