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Erik Gurov

My favorite SARM would definitely be Ostarine. I have had a terribly sprained and torn set of tendons in my shoulder from a year ago, and this SARM has been proven in studies to help with recovery and rebuilding tendons and other types of injuries. It has many benefits that might not even discovered yet.

I love how it can be used it cutting AND bulking phases; I call it the Swiss Army knife of SARMs since it can be used for a broad amount of things. I’m still doing physical therapy for my shoulder and ostarine gives me the fast recovery and helps make my joints feel wonderful (which is a godsend considering how incorrect heavy lifting has the chance to destroy joints and tendons). I cycle it taking the listed dosage for recovery/injury repair, and the amount I take time off is equal to the time on.

I’m really glad Joseph discovered it helped with losing weight and maintaining strength; just one of the many examples of ostarine’s effectiveness.