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    Ryan W.

    When it comes to SARMs for a cycle, no bulk cycle should ever go without some YK-11. I’ve tested this compound stacked with strong SARMs like Rad-140, mild SARMs like Ostarine, and also just solo. When stacked, the additional compounds don’t necessarily add to bulk, but contribute with their other unique properties; that’s also generally the same case with the side affects, by itself they are somewhat mild, and the harsher the compounds stacked, the harsher the sides. I’ll give an example of a cycle stack…

    Cycle 1 – YK11 stacked with Rad-140
    Starting Weight was 191 lbs, Height 73”

    Week 1: YK11 @ 12.5 mg ED doses before bed, Rad @ 25 mg ED dosed in the morning
    NOTE – gains in mass were noticble around day 5, enhanced recovery around day 3. No effect on strength. End of week weight was at 195 lbs

    Week 2: YK11 @ 12.5 mg ED doses before bed, Rad @ 25 mg ED doses in morning
    NOTE – mass gains more noticeable, recovery from workouts were enhanced to the point where soreness was negligible the following day, strength gains became apparent around day 10 but minimal to moderate. Ending week weight was 200 lbs.

    Week 3: YK11 @ 12.5 mg ED doses at night, Rad @ 25 mg ED doses in morning.
    NOTE – shutdown was very apperant around day 15, Sex drive tanked, and a mild case of ED. Added HCG at 2000 iu every 3rd day, which returned sex drive to normal and eliminated ED; once at homeostasis, readjusted to 500 iu every 3rd day. Strength gains improved, and mass continued to increase. Ending week weight was 206.8

    Week 4: YK11 @ 12.5 mg ED doses the same, Rad @ 25 mg ED doses the same, HCG @ 500 iu E3D.
    NOTE – negative sides kept to a minimum, strength increases began to slow due to tendon strength, but mass continued to increase. Ending week weight was 213.4

    Week 5: YK11 @ 12.5 mg ED doses the same, Rad @ 25 mg ED doses the same, HCG @ 500 iu E3D.
    NOTE – negative side still at a minimum, strength gains minimal, but mass gains continued. Even with increased volume, recovery was complete by the next day.
    End of week weight was 221.7

    Week 6(final week): YK11 @ 12.5 EOD doses the same, Rad @ 25 mg ED doses the same, HCG @ 500 iu E3D.
    NOTE – same as week 5, Even when taken only every other day. Ending week weight was 227.4

    PCT consisted of HCG, and Tamoxifen. Exemestane was used through cycle, and tapered down during PCT week 3. Gains were not to hard to maintain, but if you have a job where running for x distance at x time is required, then I don’t recommend it. You’ll have to sacrifice your gains for that speed, or slowly work your endurance back in. But be warned, the increased weight will take a toll on your back and joints, especially the knees.

    Now, when using a lesser compound, like Ostarine is used in a stack, the negative sides won’t start to hit till midway through week 4, and were only somewhat moderate. Ostarine and Rad kept the fat gain to a minimum throughout both bulking cycles.

    All in all, I couldn’t think of a better compound to use for a Bulk than YK11, even at a mild dose of 12.5 mg per day.


    Ryan W.

    For my diet, daily caloric intake was 500-700 above maintenance, which for was 2700. Most protein intake was from meals, and protein shakes were kept to a minimum.

    Starting BF% was 12%, ending BF% after week 6 was 14.2%, which is still amazing considering this was a bulking experiment. Fasted cardio was used 3x per week in the mornings utilizing yohimbine which undoubtedly helped.

    Workouts either required no Pre-workout Supp or atleast something minimal. The Pumps through, were amazing, made leaving the gym pretty hard. Pumps remained throughout the day.

    Workouts used were a combination of the Reg Park 5×5 phase 2 routine, with extra calisthenics 3 days a week, with moderate cardio 2 days a week.



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